A few words about us

New Age Financial is a technology-based, privately held finance company specializing in the acquisition and servicing of near-prime to sub-prime automotive retail installment contracts. Our office is located in San Francisco, California.

New Age Financial is comprised of professional investment advisers who have consistently proven their abilities to reliably provide their clients with superior returns on their financial portfolios. We believe in open and honest communication with our clients and are passionately dedicated to helping them achieve their long-term financial goals.

With our network of investment relationships and our strong financial base, we are able to take advantage of deals that arise quickly, while our astute financial acumen ensures that we keep our clients goals at the foremost. Our criterion for pursuing opportunities is three-fold:

  • Assets must be stable and in markets that indicate long-term growth.
  • Assets may be under-utilized but are being restructured and indicate future growth.
  • Assets may be as-yet undeveloped opportunities that fulfill a target market.

We aggressively pursue opportunities that meet these three objectives, so that we are able to maintain our dedication to maximizing our clients’ growth portfolio while minimizing their risk.

We are a trustworthy partner with the history of achievement required to successfully manage our clients’ investments in auto finance market. New Age Financial is a partner that can be relied on to always keep their clients’ financial objectives in mind. Our superb track record attests to our skills in satisfying our clients and enlarging their financial portfolio.

If you are looking for a trustworthy financial partner to manage your investment portfolio, you have found the right partner. Utilizing our combination of expertise and insight, the group of professional and dedicated professionals at New Age Financial are ready to help you achieve your long-term financial success. New Age Financial provides the level of trust that is mandatory with the level of expertise necessary to achieve your financial goals.


  • Stable assets in markets that manifest a long-term growth trend; More…
  • Underutilized assets poised for repositioning through rehabilitation;
  • New opportunities that serve the unmet needs of a targeted market.