Your investment is secured by legal contracts and titles on financed vehicles. Our company providing the funding of loans has a co-ownership with the car buyer. We protect our financial interest by putting a lien on the financed vehicle. The lien remains on the car as long as our company has a financial interest in the vehicle. Therefore, the Department of Motor Vehicles has a record of the financial institution’s interest in the vehicle and will not remove us as a lien holder until it receives documented proof from us that the lien is satisfied. Once the lien is paid off, our interest is over and the lien is removed. As a lien-holder New Age Financial holds car titles until the outstanding balance and accrued interest is paid in full. If the car owner defaults on the agreed monthly payment, as a lien holder and co-owner of the vehicle New Age Financial, Inc. reserves the right to take possession of the vehicle. Investor can obtain electronic or hard copies of all contracts related to your investment.