The sub-prime auto loan market is a growing industry, and private investors have the opportunity to be a part of it right now. Use sub-prime auto loan market as a hedge against stock market volatility, interest rate fluctuations, economic cycles and recessions. New Age Financial, Inc. is a pioneer in making sub-prime auto loans available to everyday investors as a regular investment opportunity.

Because of the growth of the sub-prime finance industry, it has been proven that this is an investment opportunity that has been paying off for a lot of people. One example of a company that has profited from sub-prime lending has been Nicholas Financial, a sub-prime lender. This company has just recorded a 36 percent increase in their earnings over last year. This fact is significant, because their portfolio has not grown over the year, but their profits have. It speaks to the fact that people who are receiving these loans are regularly making their payments to this company.

Another example of a company that is doing well in the non-prime finance industry is a small company called Westlake. This company has just been approved for a $100 million loan from Wells Fargo for sub-prime lending. Wells Fargo is a large financial institution that has been in business since 1863, so they must know when a business opportunity is a good one.

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