Q: How is my investment secured?
A: Your investment is secured by legal contracts and titles on financed vehicles. Our company providing the funding of loans has a co-ownership with the car buyer. We protect our financial interest by putting a lien on the financed vehicle. The lien remains on the car as long as our company has a financial interest in the vehicle. Therefore, the Department of Motor Vehicles has a record of the financial institution’s interest in the vehicle and will not remove us as a lien holder until it receives documented proof from us that the lien is satisfied. Once the lien is paid off, our interest is over and the lien is removed. As a lien-holder New Age Financial holds car titles until the outstanding balance and accrued interest is paid in full. If the car owner defaults on the agreed monthly payment, as a lien holder and co-owner of the vehicle New Age Financial, Inc. reserves the right to take possession of the vehicle. Investor can obtain electronic or hard copies of all contracts related to your investment.

Q: Can a financed vehicle be titled in the name of investor?
A: No. Vehicle titles can not be transferred to the investor’s name. All titles are held and served by New Age Financial, Inc as a financial institution.

Q: What if the collateral is damaged, stolen or destroyed.
A: As a result of being a co-owner of the financed vehicle, our company listed on the car’s auto insurance policy. As a lien holder New Age Financial, Inc. is also included as a loss payee on the physical-damage section of the insurance policy. In the event of an auto accident or a total loss on the vehicle, we recoup our financial interest. The Loss Payee, Lien Holder endorsement ensures that the claim check will be issued in the name of the registered owner and the lien holder. New Age Financial, Inc. will take its portion of the outstanding balance and return the remainder to the registered owner. If car owner’s insurance has expired, New Age Financial, Inc buys the insurance and charges the borrower.

Q: Can I monitor the investment process?
A: Tracking, monitoring and transparency are critical components of our commitment. You can closely monitor our investment performance, processes and your portfolio specifics with an independent third-party platform.

Q. What document is used between investor and New Age Financial, Inc.?
A: We issue a notary certified promissory note, signed by president of New Age Financial, Inc. The promissory note is a form of debt – similar to a loan or an IOU. Typically, an investor agrees to loan money to the company for a set period of time. In exchange, our company promises to pay the investor a fixed return on his or her investment.

Q:What is the minimum Promissory Note term?
A: The minimum term for a promissory Note is 24 month, the average is 36 month. Investor can extend the Note within 90 days prior to expiration.

Q: What if I need my money back before the end of the Note?
If you’ve entered into a two- or three-year contract and choose to terminate or cancel your service before your contract ends, we will make all our efforts to return your principal and interest within 90 days from the day of your cancellation request. Investor shall not be allowed early termination for the first 12 month.